When Adam "Tex" Davis and Jerry Kolber met as freshmen at NYU, neither imagined they would become co-founders of Atomic Entertainment, the best-in-class creator of premium edutainment.   Adam thought Jerry was a nice enough guy, but maybe a little too "theater-y"... and Jerry thought Adam was one of the funniest people he'd ever met but was also afraid "Tex" might break his arm in a drunken fight. 

But nobody is more surprised by their success than Adam and Jerry's high school math and science teachers.  If you'd told them Adam and Jerry would grow up to create genre-defining informational series like BRAIN GAMES and BRAINCHILD, they would have laughed you right out of the classroom and right into detention -- which is where these two former C+ students and class clowns often found themselves.    


After NYU, Jerry went on to become one of the most sought after showrunners in the Wild West years of reality television, show running more than 100 hours of television after dipping his toe in the"un"-scripted waters as the line producer of the first 4 seasons of the OG QUEER EYE FOR THE STRAIGHT GUY.  Adam parlayed his comedy chops into a career as a comedy screenwriter, selling script after script to MTV, Leonardo DiCaprio, the CW, Miramax, and New Line Cinema, and experiencing his first taste of cult stardom as the scribe behind Ryan Reyolds' iconic Christmas classic film, JUST FRIENDS. 


Alas, more than a decade after NYU, a chance encounter at a mutual friend's birthday party led to their first TV collaboration on something of a dare, which led to the next, and shortly thereafter led to an Emmy Nomination for the first season of National Geographic's all-time highest-rated series, Brain Games - now in season seven and going strong. 


Brands like General Electric, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Drone Racing League, Top Golf, Headspace, and Harvard Business School have all sought the pair's coveted combination of fun, clarity, and storytelling expertise to create narrative content that captivates new and existing customers.  


And an ongoing years-long creative collaboration with Pharrell Williams and his brilliant creative partner Mimi Valdés has yielded everything from Netflix's first live-action kids original science series, Brainchild, to an epic and moving documentary Hydration, about the 2019 "First Edition" of Pharrell's groundbreaking music festival in Virginia Beach. 


To date, Jerry still thinks Adam is one of the funniest people he's ever met and Adam still wants Jerry to think that he might break his arms.

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