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"With nearly a thousand choices of what to watch on TV, not to mention the constant inundation from the Internet, it is any wonder that our brains work at all. Now, along comes “Brain Games” to save us. I had the best time."

- New York Post



"Brainchild is a mix of Bill Nye, MythBusters, and Sesame Street."  
- SyFy.com


"Brainchild on Netflix is what to watch if  you have 25 Minutes and a curious kid."
- NY Times


"Brain Games is the most mind-bending series on Netflix." 
- Decider.com



“General Electric is fortunate to be a business whose everyday operations can make for a compelling viewing experience, and the conglomerate’s latest web series “In the Wild” takes advantage of that fact.” 
– TubeFilter.com


"'The Internet Ruined My Life' is the ultimate online cautionary tale."
- Mashable.com


"14 Minutes from Earth is a documentary about the highest skydive in history."
- Variety.com


"The footage of all the jumps that led up to the big one are spectacular to see, and the explanation of all the tiny details that go into something like this is a reminder of how ingenious humans can be."
- Los Angeles Times