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A Big List of Podcasts for Bigger Kids

Digital Literacy in Education: The Benefits and Drawbacks of Devices in 2022

Pharrell Teams Up With Atomic Entertainment to Push ‘Edu-Tainment’ for Kids of Color

Former Bergenfield resident mixes science and comedy to get Atomic Entertainment

Pietro Boselli releases compelling and must-see ‘Rational Mind’ series on YouTube

Meet the Coolest Creatures of the Ocean on Spotify’s ‘Deep Blue Sea’ Podcast

Brainchild, TV review by Emily Ashby

On the air: Siblings start podcast to educate and entertain

Digital Capabilities Have Become Essential in 2022, Yet Europe’s Next Generation is Behind

Pharrell-produced science show ‘Brainchild’ wants to inspire kids to pursue STEM

Netflix Premieres Nail-Biting '14 Minutes From Earth,' With Bold Stratospheric Jump

Pharrell Williams Opens up About His New Netflix Series for Kids, 'Brainchild'

'Brainchild' producer Jerry Kolber shares his favorite apps

Record-breaking supersonic descent doc coming to Netflix

A Google engineer performed the highest human free-fall… A documentary now on Netflix reveals how he did it.

Dallas Native Sahana Srinivasan Is the Host of New Netflix Science Show

Gray Matter in Moments of Triumph and Defeat ‘Big Brain Theory’ and ‘Brain Games’

And The Most Mind-Blowing Show On Netflix Is…

Think you’re pretty smart, wiseguy? Check out ‘Brain Games’

NatGeo’s ‘The ’80s, The Decade That Made Us,’ ‘Brain Games’​

Syfy Greenlights Unscripted Social Media Show, ‘The Internet Ruined My Life’

'The Internet Ruined My Life', TV Review

Specialist in Tough (to) Love, Confessions of a Matchmaker Review, (Showrunner)

Inside the Reality TV Revolution

How one hashtag can ruin your life

Is SyFy's New Series The Internet Ruined My Life About Everyone on the Internet?

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