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Adam “Tex” Davis graduated from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts in 1993. A scant three years later he'd achieved great success -- as the night manager of Shaun’s Bagels in Manhattan. But soon after, "Tex" sold his first screenplay, Sunburned, to Miramax and his second screenplay Just Friends to New Line Cinema. Just Friends went on to become a cult, rom-com classic starring Ryan Reynolds and Anna Farris. Other produced credits soon followed including Spring Break Lawyer, a made-for-cable comedy for MTV; and Gardener of Eden, a dark indie-comedy produced by Leonardo Dicaprio's Appian Way and directed by Entourage's Kevin Connolly.

For nearly 20 years, Adam has written, rewritten, or punched-up over 25 feature film scripts for every major studio in Hollywood... and Bachelor Party 2. In addition, Adam has sold original comedy television series to the WB Network, CBS, and Comedy Central.

Adam served as Co-Executive Producer and Head Writer for the Emmy nominated, genre-defining, global hit series Brain Games, for the National Geographic Channel. The success of Brain Games led Adam to co-form Atomic Entertainment, a full-service film & TV production company, for which Adam oversees creative content. Along with long-time friend, fellow NYU graduate, and collaborator Jerry Kolber, Atomic created the darkly-comic docu-series, The Internet Ruined My Life (SyFy) and Brainchild, a high-concept, kids' science/variety show, co-produced by Pharrell Williams for Netflix. Adam has also produced/ directed branded projects for Google, GE, IBM, Drone Racing League, Top Golf, Headspace & Conde Nast.

With dozens of original projects airing or in the works, including What’s Your Problem? and Making Magic -- Atomic continues its quest for global dominance.

In his spare time, Adam continues to write original screenplays and create series ideas. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, daughter, dog, cat, and fish.


Adam Davis,  Screenwriter, Director and Producer of Atomic Entertainment

Produced Film Credits

  • Just Friends - New Line Cinema - starring Ryan Reynolds, Anna Farris

  • Spring Break Lawyer - MTV - starring Busy Phillips; Judah Friedlander

  • Gardener of Eden - Leonardo Dicaprio/Appian Way - Dir: Kevin Connolly

  • Starring Lukas Haas, Erika Christensen, Giovanni Ribisi, Jim Parsons

Produced TV Credits

  • Brainchild - Netflix - science/variety show w/ Pharrell Williams - (Creator; Co-EP)

  • Brain Games - Nat Geo - science/variety show - (Co-EP; Head Writer)

  • The Internet Ruined My Life - SyFy - science/reality show - (Creator; Co-EP)

Feature Film Original Sales

  • Sunburned - Miramax - original spec sale

  • Hosed! - HBO/Picture House - original pitch sale

  • Heist School - New Regency - original pitch sale

  • Zits - Universal - pitch sale based on comic strip

  • Old Spies - Peter Douglas/Mission Entertainment - original spec sale

Feature Film Rewrites

  • Ride Along - starring Ice Cube/Kevin Hart - New Line Cinema

  • Spy vs. Stu - Magnet Media

  • Bachelor Party 2:The Last Temptation - 20th Century Fox Home Video

  • Good and Dead - Universal

  • With Friends Like These - MTV Films/Paramount

  • 10 Wishes - Fox - rewrite

  • Monster Island - MTV - Starring Mary Elisabeth Winstead; Adam West

TV Sales

  • NJ - WB Network - original TV sitcom (Creator; Writer)

  • You're Kidding, Right? - WB Network - original TV sitcom (Writer)

  • Emancipation - CBS - original TV sitcom (Creator; Writer)

  • The Shop - Comedy Central - original TV sitcom (Creator; Writer)

  • Parental Control - MTV - original TV movie (Writer)

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